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Karen Shirlaw _ph_0048-copyAesthetician and Founder of Onsen Skin Health

Karen Shirlaw

Aesthetician and Founder of Onsen Skin Health

A bit about me!

The greatest part of my adult life was spent in the United Arab Emirates, I love immersing myself in different cultures and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit with Dubai being a hub for travel to more exotic destinations.

Of course you can’t generalise about entire nations but you get a ‘feel’ for them and you either feel affinity or not.

In that sense the Far East draws me in, the ancient systems that promote whole body wellbeing, mind body connection, energy systems, traditional medicine, Tai Chi, Reiki, the list goes on and it’s all so inspiring and sits quite comfortably alongside quantum physics (my other big love).

The Japanese symbolism, the inspiration for Skincare by OSH., reflects a journey of acceptance, strength and renewal. At Onsen Skin Health the message is empowerment, there are no anti-ageing battles being fought. The Japanese culture respects maturity and I hope my brand embodies this.

I developed Skincare by OSH because I wanted control over quality of ingredients and the manufacturing process; Although the products are inspired by Japanese skin care regimes they are made in the UK and not tested on animals. I have the utmost respect for the well-known cosmeceuticals on the market but along with the trend for online shopping comes the problem of counterfeit products. When you’re carrying out aesthetic procedures you rely on the skin being prepared using high grade clinically proven ingredients.

I’m often asked if I think it’s possible to have great skin from using products alone. I believe if you have a relatively healthy lifestyle you can. Skin is the largest organ in the body, and is in a constant state of renewal just like the other parts, of course if it is given the building blocks for healthy renewal it will look better; therefore diet, exercise and relaxation also play an important part.

Onsen Skin Health is focused on the visual improvement and biological rejuvenation of skin and is constantly exploring products, treatments and equipment that are clinically proven to make a difference. Combination therapies work best for rejuvenation and a long-term plan combining chemical peels or skin resurfacing with micro-needling and IPL is most effective alongside good cosmeceutical products. We are aiming to add volume to the dermis, improve the rate of cellular turnover so that the epidermis doesn’t appear thick and lifeless, and improve tone, density and vibrancy.

If a client is committed to improvement we will see a noticeable difference in as little as 3 months.

It’s not all about technology though and the importance of human touch is not overlooked at Onsen Skin Health; as the Owner of Beautique Medispa, with branches in Reigate and Dorking we offer a selection of luxurious facials that combine the use of our wide range of products with massage and facial rejuvenation techniques. If you would like a facial protocol to take to your therapist along with your products please drop us an e-mail and we’ll send you one.

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